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Domestic Zakat Program

Every year, ICNA Relief Canada helps local families in need of emergency assistance. A variety of situations can be classified as family emergencies, including: financial problems, legal issues, job loss, relationship difficulties, food shortage and many others. There is no measurable scale to determine the severity of these needs, but ICNA Relief Canada treats every request seriously and with compassion. We offer many programs to help individuals and families get through tough times. In 2013, ICNA Relief spent $41,248 to help 50 families across Canada and we plan to help even more in 2014, Insha’Allah, through the generosity of our donors. For more details on all our domestic initiatives, please see our directory of domestic projects.

Contact Information

Email: info@icnareliefcanada.ca
Phone: (905) 997-8777
Cheques can be sent to our Head Office. Please click here for the map and address.

Please note that each email and phone call is treated with confidentiality, and your information is never shared. For more details, please view our privacy policy.

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