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Educational Relief

ICNA Relief Canada believes strongly in the power of education. In Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and several other countries throughout Asia and Africa, we have established a variety of educational initiatives. For children, we focus on the essential skills of basic literacy and numeracy (reading, writing and arithmetic) as well as formative character development. All orphans supported by ICNA Relief Canada are provided with the resources needed to ensure that they have bright futures and opportunities for success in adulthood.

ICNA Relief also strives to ensure that appropriate vocational and skills training is accessible to those who need it, regardless of age. We have set up special learning programs for disadvantaged adults in countries such as Afghanistan, to open new opportunities for them to acquire higher-earning jobs and support their families.

In Bangladesh during 2013, ICNA Relief Canada disbursed $33,000 for educational scholarships and $19,800 for adult learning programs. In India during 2013 we contributed $22,750 to provide 50 higher education scholarships, and $60,521 for educational support. In Pakistan during 2013 we disbursed $109,500 to fund more than 150 higher education scholarships, along with $15,000 for school development and $8,000 for educational support. [All funds for the above programs are expressed in Canadian dollars.]

Progress Reports

ICNA Relief Canada uploads annual progress reports for all major projects. The reports for our Educational Support program can be found by clicking here.

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