Family Counselling

There are now an estimated 750,000 Muslims in Canada and our community is growing day by day. Nearly 60% reside in Ontario, with the greatest demographic concentration in the Greater Toronto Area. With this continually growing population come universal human problems requiring compassionate and professional support at many levels. ICNA Relief Canada has responded to those needs in and around the GTA with our Muslim Family Services agency (MFS), staffed by a skilled and dedicated team of social workers and helpers.

Social work is a profession based on understanding individuals and their interaction with the environment. Muslim Family Services approaches the helping process holistically, providing trusted and confidential service to the Muslim community. We are dedicated to delivering effective service in Counselling and Intervention, as well as Educational and Family Support. The role and mandate of MFS is extremely broad, allowing extensive group and individual interaction; thus our responsibilities include (but are not limited to) teaching; psycho-social analysis; developing clients’ emotional, spiritual and self-management skills; and professionally assisting clients to carry out their plans and goals.

While exercising professional efficiency at all times, our social workers also maintain acute sensitivity to the ethnic, racial, cultural and individual diversity of every client as per our Code of Ethics. We bring empathy and genuineness to the observation and analysis of clients’ behaviours and in communicating effectively with them. As our immigrant Muslim population increases, the demand for various counselling and therapeutic services also increases. Muslim Family Services is particularly focused on preventing or reducing culture shock within this diverse community of newcomers. Our aim is to preserve and strengthen these families through reinforcing strong Islamic values and healthy dynamics as they adjust to life in Canada.


We provide a non-clinical aspect of counselling to clients in need; that is, the provision of psychosocial therapy without medical intervention. Our techniques and strategies are systems based, emphasizing cognitive-behavioral and relationship-based interventions. The intention is to empower our clients by developing confidence and self-esteem, thereby helping alleviate their concerns while maintaining confidentiality. Issues for which clients express the greatest need include:

  • Pre-marital Counselling
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Comprehensive Family Support
  • Anger Management
  • Stress/Time Management
  • Anxiety and depression Counselling
  • Settlement Counselling


We aim to educate and facilitate the moral principles and values that are the foundation of Muslim families. Parents and children alike are guided and encouraged in acquiring the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them become more productive in society and in every aspect of their lives.

There have been growing concerns within our community that the religious, social and family values we have always cherished are under threat. While a number of external factors do affect family dynamics in any culture, we believe that families and individuals who fall into crisis and have no support or help erode the health and well-being of the communities and society in which they live.

At MFS we provide comprehensive programs with trained and experienced staff to reach all members of our diverse community. Through goal-oriented learning initiatives, our informative programs focus on shared values, a common language for communicating across systems, and an accessible yet comprehensive approach to thinking through problems. Our education program covers a number of areas that are critical to family health, including:

  • Lecture and Workshops
  • Foster Parenting
  • Kids Care

Family Support Services

Family Support is a very important sector of our social service network. When needed, we refer Muslim clients to the most appropriate available community resources, as well as providing them with current information and education. In fact, this is the most vital part of our service delivery system.

We believe that the principles upon which a family is founded are based on clearly defined responsibilities that make up a healthy and balanced relationship – not only between husband and wife, but also between parents, children and relatives of the nuclear family. A family can only grow morally and spiritually if every member of its multi-generational human system feels securely bonded and committed to a solid, joyful, and safe relationship.

Islam offers us a complete package of guiding principles related to marriage, family life, raising children, caring for elders, serving relatives, and also providing solutions for healthy crisis management. MFS is committed to integrating these Islamic teachings and values with universal professional skills in our client interactions, while maintaining total confidentiality. Here are some of our outreach areas:

  • Community Referral Services
  • Support services for cognitively and physically challenged
  • Immigration Resettlement and Outreach Services
  • Support Services for the Frail and/or Elderly
  • Informational Resources
  • Newsletters
  • Sessions for Intellectual Discussions

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Phone: (905) 858-1067

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