Healthcare Services

ICNA Relief Canada provides many health care facilities and services worldwide. We have sponsored hospitals, paid for new medical equipment, provided emergency relief in disaster zones, and are constantly expanding our reach into new areas of need. Here are some examples of current ICNA Relief Canada activities:

Mother & Child Healthcare Centres

ICNA Relief established ten Mother and Child Healthcare Centres (MCHCs) in flood-affected areas of Pakistan (2010/2011) to address the needs of the most vulnerable members of the population. By June 2011, more than 300,000 patients had been treated and more than $235,000 worth of medicines had been delivered to those devastated areas. Today, the need is still acute and we urge you to please donate generously

Eye Surgeries

ICNA Relief teams set up Eye Camps throughout the year in South Asia, where the elderly and impoverished receive critical eye care and sight-restoring surgery. A gift of just $90 can help provide eye surgery to a deserving patient in a developing country. Please donate generously.

Mobile Clinics

Many needy people cannot afford the cost, or are too ill, to undertake the long-distance travel often required to reach permanent health care facilities. Instead, ICNA Relief operates a fleet of mobile medical buses and ambulances in impoverished and disaster-affected countries, bringing essential medical help to where the need is greatest.

Model Health Clinic

We have also established a model health clinic for residents of the Kachi Abaadies (slums) of Islamabad, Pakistan. This clinic is equipped with the latest in medical equipment and technology, thanks to donations from people like you. Please continue to support this project, which has made such a great difference in improving the quality of life among the poorest in Islamabad.

Our Health Initiatives

Primary Health Care
Maternal & Child Health Care
Health Education & Awareness
Prevention of Blindness
Ambulance Service
Diagnostic Centers
Management of Chronic Diseases
Medical Equipment as In-kind donation

Health Initiatives in Countries

Pakistan: Flood Relief, Earthquake Relief and IDPs
Libya: 2011 Uprising
Indonesia: Tsunami Relief
Japan: Earthquake Relief
Libya/Tunisia: Refugee Relief
Sri lanka: Flood Relief

Facts & Figures

In 2013, ICNA Relief Canada disbursed $11,000 for our health care project in Bangladesh, through local partner organizations. We also contributed $247,272 toward construction of the Al-Shifa Hospital in India. Other medical and health care contributions in India included: $37,300 to treat 25 seriously ill patients; $23,782 for our Mobile Health Unit; and $43,440 for the medical care of 18,000 needy individuals.

In Pakistan during 2013, ICNA Relief Canada disbursed $221,000 for a Mother and Child Healthcare Centre, which will be completed this year, Insha’Allah. Additionally, we sent $1,372 for the treatment of Orphan Children, and $1,000 for the Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Hospital Construction

Medical Camp

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