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North Waziristan - Internally Displaced People

An ongoing military operation by Pakistan's military against Taliban fighters and their allies in the Pakistani tribal areas has triggered a mass exodus of residents from the area, and into surrounding districts and provinces. Official figures suggest that registered numbers of Internally Displaced People (or IDPs) could now be close to 435,000 where over 70% of them are women and children!

Shelter, access to basic healthcare and food have been identified as the top priorities. ICNA Relief Canada's partners in Pakistan have already mobilized and set up 9 Relief Camps in the Bannu district as of Wednesday June 25th, 2014. Some of the following has been done in the Bannu District, but we need your support to help many more who are still waiting to be helped:

  • 25 Ambulances are serving in 3 of the camps
  • 4000 people have received Food Packages
  • Kitchen Facilities to provide cooked foods has been setup in 4 camps
  • 2 Field Clinics have been set up
  • 3000 families transported to safer grounds

Your donations will help purchase Food, Shelter, and Medicines for thousands of IDPs and help ease their burden a little during the month of Ramadan and after.

Some approximate costs for relief items needed urgently:

  • Monthly food package per family - $300
  • Tents per family - $120
  • Kitchen utensils per family - $30

Donations can be made online through our easy 3 step system, through the phone by calling us toll free at +1 844-997-8777 or locally at (905) 997-8777, or by mailing a cheque to our head office.

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