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Syrian Refugee Sponsorship

Alhamdulillah, we spent over $1 Million in supporting internally displaced Syrians & Syrian Refugees in the neighbouring countries since 2012. Please click here to learn more about our response to the Syrian Crisis.

Sponsoring 100 Families

Besides our relief work inside Syria and in the region, ICNA Relief Canada has launched a campaign to bring 100 Syrian Refugees Families to Canada. Through this project, we will

  • Help, train and assist potential sponsors to bring, welcome and support refugee families during their first year in Canada
  • Work with the Syrian communities in different cities across Canada to ensure that they participate in this initiative in bringing their family members to Canada with our donors' support
  • Engage Muslim community members, leaders, Imams, and Scholars to make this project a success
  • Work with other organizations like LifeLineSyria and Islamic Foundation Toronto to ensure that these sponsorships are approved and processed quickly, so that refugee families can arrive in Canada as soon as possible, with access to the services they need

How can you help?

  • It is very simple. You can DONATE. VOLUNTEER. SPONSOR.
  • Watch this VIDEO, read FAQ, & related documents ONE and TWO to understand the process better
  • If you are interested sponsoring a family through us, please complete this form
  • Alternatively, you may download the form in pdf format, please fill it out, send us the scanned copy
  • Insha Allah, we will contact you within 48 hours upon receiving your groupís information

Please note that sponsoring a family means that upon their arrival, you and your group will need to provide them with housing, groceries, and finally, settlement and integration support for only one year. Below is the cost chart.

This table is taken from the Canadian Government website (October 2015,

Are you a Canadian-Syrian?

If you are a Canadian-Syrian and would like to bring your family members to Canada through ICNA Relief Canada, please click here to fill out a form. We will contact you with an assessment package soon.

Government Announcement

Please check the Govt. website for updated information about government policies and anouncments about Syrian Refugee crisis and sponsorship programs.

  • Govt.Applicantions,and Settlement Plans
  • Sponsoring Syrian Refugees. Please click here to read the details.
  • WelcomeRefugees: How it will work. Please click here to read the details.
  • WelcomeRefugees: Updates on the journey. Please click here to read the details.
  • Find services available to refugees in Canada. Please click here to read the details.
  • WelcomeRefugees: Milestones and key figures. Please click here to read the details.
  • If you are interested in Sponsoring Syrian Refugee Families to come to Canada, please call us today at +1 844-997-8777 (toll free), or (905) 997-8777, or e-mail us at

    Your help is urgently needed. Please donate generously.

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