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Water for Life

Water, a resource we use on a daily basis and what can easily be deemed as one of the most important aspects of life, is inaccessible to over 2 billion people worldwide (UNICEF). With limited access to this valuable resource, communities have to walk dozens of kilometers every day to reach bodies of water, a majority of which is contaminated water, to use for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Mandate & Objectives

Water for life, one of ICNA Relief Canada’s biggest initiatives, aims to support clean water projects in poverty-stricken areas of the world. Our biggest water projects have provided thousands of people in areas of India, Pakistan, and East Africa with water right in their communities.

This Ramadan, we hope to distribute over $1 million to water projects around the world, increase awareness, and continue to invest in long-term initiatives to help make communities independent in regard to water for consumption, irrigation, and feeding livestock.

Facts & Figures

As of 2020, ICNA Relief Canada has built over 1000 water wells in India, Pakistan, and East Africa since 2016, in addition to 4 community water projects established in parts of Somalia that have benefited over 1 million people and their livestock.

In 2019 alone, ICNA Relief Canada invested over $470,000 to clean water projects in Somalia, Pakistan, and India to provide over 1 million people with the necessary access to clean water and healthy sanitation facilities, facilities they would not have had access to without these life-changing projects.

With your generous support, we have begun constructing another community water project in Somalia, as well as 300 water wells in Pakistan and India. Through the development of shallow water wells, solar-powered water pumps, and water wells in these poverty-stricken areas, millions of people will have access to clean water right outside their homes.

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Besides donating to our Water for LIfe program through our donation page, you can also sponsor the building of an entire well, which starts at $1500. Our full list of well options is as following:

Watch short video reports from 2 of our recent water projects:

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