Yemen Relief - 2020

The Prophet (saw) said, 'The best of men are the men of Yemen, belief is Yemeni, and I am Yemeni.' (Ahmad)

Yemen, one of the Arab world's poorest countries, has been devastated by a civil war. Years of unrelenting conflict that started in 2015 has destroyed Yemen and had a brutal effect on its people. Additionally, COVID-19 crisis worsened the situation beyond imaginations. Millions of families have no home, no clothes and no medicine and the country is hanging on the brink of a devastating famine. More than 10 million Yemenis are suffering from extreme hunger and malnutrition.

Only half of the country’s healthcare facilities can operate with limited abilities, the other half destroyed during the war. A lack of clean water and basic medication has caused an outbreak of cholera and every ten minutes, another child under five dies of preventable causes.

This is the worst man-made humanitarian crisis of our time and it is essential that we act now, before things get worse. The people of Yemen need urgent humanitarian aid including food, water and medicine.

With your generous support, ICNA Relief Canada’s partners are already on the ground, providing emergency relief in the worst affected areas.

We are committed to the long term future and stability of Yemen and are establishing fully equipped mobile health clinics in rural areas and providing regular meals for children and women. We are also constructing wells and rehabilitating existing ones to provide hundreds of families with safe clean water.

The people of Yemen desperately need your support in order to survive another day. Every minute counts. There is no time to waste. Act now and save lives.

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Ways to Help

Here are the multiple ways in which you can help.


You can donate online, via our easy donation basket system


By calling our Head Office at (905) 997-8777 or toll free at +1 844-997-8777


By sending us a cheque. Please click here for the map and address.

Progress Reports

ICNA Relief Canada uploads annual progress reports for all major projects. The reports for our Global Zabiha program can be found by clicking here.

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