Global Zabiha/Udhiya/Qurbani - 2017

ICNA Relief Canada can help you perform the gift of sacrifice in one of the countries listed below, ensuring that the meat from your contribution goes directly to the deserving families of that locality. We involve local communities in performing the Zabiha sacrifice and ensuring that fresh meat is distributed on-site among deserving local people.

Every year, we serve about a million people globally through our Zabiha progarm. Our aim this year is to again provide fresh meat to the needy in 16 countries. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding our Zabiha/Udhiya/Qurbani program can be found by clicking here.

Ways to donate

  1. Online, via our easy donation basket system
  2. By calling our Head Office at (905) 997-8777 or toll free at +1 844-997-8777
  3. By sending us a cheque. Please click here for the map and address.
  4. If you have received our Zabiha Pocket Mailer with Zabiha pledge form & envelop, please send us the completed pledge form

Zabiha Prices for 2017

Country Name Sheep/ Goat Cow Share
Afghanistan $215 $105
Bangladesh $165 $110
Bosnia $300 N/A
Burma $215 $205
Canada $350 N/A
Gaza $550 N/A
India $185 $65
Indonesia $215 $205
Kashmir $215 $105
Kenya $145 $100
Nepal $225 $75
Pakistan $215 $105
Somalia $145 $100
Sri Lanka $215 $80
Syria $330 $285
Tanzania $145 $100

Progress Reports

ICNA Relief Canada uploads annual progress reports for all major projects. The reports for our Global Zabiha program can be found by clicking here.

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