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Fitra / Fidya / Kaffara

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Rohingya Relief

Rohingya Relief

Over a million Rohingya have been displaced and need your support...

Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan Sponsorship

In 2018, we invested over $1 million to sponsor 3500 orphans in 9 different countries...

Water for Life

bc wildfire relief

ICNA Relief Canada's Water for Life program seeks to make clean water...



ICNA Relief Canada provides Zakat for both International and Domestic projects...

Fitra / Fidya / Kaffara


Fitra is a religious tax/alms paid by a fasting person at the end of the month of...

Girls Orphanage

Syrian Girls Orphanage

Oasis of Urfa is an orphanage, a home, and a symbol of hope for Syrian orphan girls...

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